Leerink Transformation Partners (LTP) and the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership (MACP) want to partner with you to build Massachusetts’ next great digital health company.


The MICF focuses on investing in disruptive and innovative revenue-stage healthcare information technology and services companies located in Massachusetts.

MICF’s capital comes from a blue-chip roster of companies and executives in Massachusetts, including ones in the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership (MACP). The MACP is a nonprofit public policy group comprised of CEOs of some of the largest businesses in Massachusetts which seeks to promote regional economic growth and competitiveness. One of the MACP’s focus areas is Technology Competitiveness where the group’s first priority is to enhance Massachusetts’ position as a leader in healthcare information technology. Massachusetts is home to some of the top hospitals and biopharmaceutical companies in the world and has abundant software engineering talent, so it is a natural geography to excel in developing healthcare IT businesses. Our investors have deep and broad professional networks and are strongly interested in helping MICF portfolio companies succeed, for example by enabling accelerated trial of portfolio company offerings by providers, payors, and employers.

Investment Criteria

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    Investment Size

    MICF typically invests up to $5 million over the life of our involvement with a company

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    Commercial Stage

    We invest in revenue-stage businesses with multiple referenceable customers.

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    Massachusetts Geographic Focus

    We invest in companies with headquarters of significant operations in Massachusetts, including ones that are planning to establish meaningful operations in Massachusetts.

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    Sector focus

    Our focus is on healthcare information technology and novel healthcare services. We partner with companies providing software and related business services to serve any key healthcare stakeholders, including providers, payors, biopharmaceutical companies, employers, consumers and other vendors. In healthcare services, we invest in companies providing technology-enabled services to the industry stakeholders as well as novel models of direct patient care.


The MICF is run by Leerink Transformation Partners (LTP), a highly experienced team of proven healthcare technology and services investors.